NEW VIFLY WhoopStor 3 – 1S Battery Storage Charger


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What’s new of WhoopStor 3?

1. Increase the maximum charge current from 0.9A to 1.3A, charges much faster especially for large capacity batteries like 850mah.

2. Open the tooling for the case around, no exposed parts any more.

3. Change to a colorful LED screen, each cell current also can be displayed.

4. Add the fan and big heatsink for heat dissipating, the discharging efficiency improves a lot.

5. Add the buzzer to beep when the charging circle finishes.

6. Add the feature of remembering the last current setting, no need to set the current each time.

7. Support 6S battery input.

8. Remove all switches, all operations are through the two buttons, that is much easier

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