Shipping Policy

International Shipping

Beast Hobby ships the orders with DHL and 4PX at affordable rates. DHL is the fastest shipping method available which usually gets delivered within 3-7 days. 4PX is the economy shipping which can take 14-28 days to get delivered. Generally, if you choose Economy Shipping, be prepared to wait many days, if not weeks, for your order to arrive. These packages are often held up in outgoing customs as well as in incoming customs once the package arrives in your destination country. We strongly advise against using Economy Shipping for orders as it is the slowest and most unreliable shipping method available. If your order costs more than $40, we would always advise you to pick a more reliable shipping method such as DHL.

Even though we provide estimated delivery time, sometimes it is totally beyond our control to guarantee it.

Where is my shipment?

If you want to get an idea of the status of your order (like “Has my order shipped yet?”), log in to your BeastHobby account and look at your order history. Each order will show if it was shipped and provide a tracking link, if available, given your selected shipping methods. If your order status shows shipped but you do not see tracking that means your order is packaged and will be shipped shortly.

If your status is processing it means that we have received your order and will be shipping as soon as possible.

How long until my order ships?

You should plan for at least 1 business day from the time your order is placed until it is shipped. While we do our best to get all in-stock orders that are placed before 1:30 (CST) shipped out on the same day, we cannot always guarantee such a short processing time. Please also keep in mind that the number of days refers to “business” days, which is Monday through Friday.

Make sure you review our Terms and Conditions with important details relating to shipping.