R58 Pro CNC 13.5kg ROV thruster Underwater robot


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Main Core Competitiveness

1. Nested completely enclosed structure

All metal enclosed body, can better maintain the propeller stable performance, a variety of complex water environment can be easily dealt with, and can reflect the excellent texture and precision.

2. Match efficient propellers

Own propeller design and manufacturing technology, accurate matching.Imported 7075 aluminum alloy base material, excellent performance.

3. Internal injection technology

The principle of wave pressure is adopted to greatly enhance the pressure resistance of the propeller, and the special filling liquid is used to make it work normally in cold environment.

4. Rigorous performance testing

Special test equipment to ensure that each performance parameter can present real data.

Product features

1. Built-in high-efficiency brushless motor, patented structure design, fully enclosed body can effectively resist a variety of impurities such as sediment in complex waters.

2. Special water-soluble filling liquid, safe and environment-friendly, can work normally at -20℃ ambient temperature.

3. Design → Simulation → Selection → Sampling → Testing Multiple specifications propeller repeated matching, to provide better efficiency output.

4. Specially-made professional test equipment, the product can easily withstand pressure 3Mpa (equivalent to 300m underwater) under live running state, the actual working depth is not less than 330m.

5. Lightweight design, compact structure, ultra-high thrust-weight ratio.

6. All-round anti-corrosion treatment.

7. The use of three core silica gel cable, weather resistance is better, -60℃ – +200℃ can provide effective circuit protection.

8. Can be adapted to a variety of electronic governor.

9. Can match the protective filter screen.(standard with no filter screen)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Underwater Thruster

BS003-0004-CW, BS003-0004-CCW


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