1m Transparent PVC Heat Shrink for Lipo Battery 75/80/85/90/95mm


PVC heat shrink are simply a great way to create a Flexible, Heat Resistant and Waterproof tight joint. Just slide a slightly larger tube at the desired location and apply heat through a cigarette lighter, or a heat gun; for about 10 seconds and the tube will shrink down and will hold the joint tightly. This is one of the cleanest way on how you can protect your Li Po batteries.

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Product Name: Heat Shrink Tube
Temperature range: -55 ~ 125 degree
Rated voltage: 600V
Product color: transparent


Excellent environmental protection, insulation, soft, stable performance, low shrink temperature, quick shrinking.

Applications of PVC Heat shrink tube:

Heat shrink generally has wide industrial and consumer applications from insulating to waterproofing. But here in the RC hobby, It is mainly used to wrap Li ion batteries, But you can use this to protect your valuable Li Po batteries from damages and crashes.  Click here to read more on how to protect your Lipo battery using heat shrink by Oscar Liang.
Please note:
Size calculation formula: (width + height < tube size). Which means that the size of the battery can not exceed the size of the tube, if it is just about the size, it is recommended to choose the larger size.
Small diameter and short head, you can use lighters to shrink; Large diameter or numbers of heat shrink tubing, hot air dryer or hot air gun can be used, Which is actually preferred over the ligher because of the risk involved.

Package Included:

1x 1M Heat Shrink Tube


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75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm


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