OMG Servo OMG-ST-55BF 55kg Brushless Waterproof Digital Servo


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Special desgin for 1:8 RC Vehicle and above 60CC large plane. Standard profile brushless motor high voltage servo, full body in CNC precise engraving, matte cover, steel gear,add PIN at Riveting point ,better in collision avoidance , waterproof IP67, Pgrogrammable. Competition Class Servo.


Working voltage: 4.8-8.4V The fastest speed: 7.4V-0.078sec/60° 8.4V-0.065sec/60° Locked-rotor torque: 7.4V-38kg-cm/(528oz-in) 8.4V-40kg-cm/(556oz-in) Output gear: 25T Product size: 40x20x38mm Product weight: 79g Operating stroke: 180±10°(500-2500μsec) Rotation direction: 180°(1000-2000μsec) Angle limit: 220 Neutral point: 1520μsec Maximum stroke: ≈180°(500-2500μsec) Pulse width range: 500-2500μsec Death drive pulse width: 2μsec Wire length: JR360mm Wire model: #22PVC

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