Lumenier QAV-S 2 Joshua Bardwell SE 5” Frame Kit


Introducing the Lumenier QAV-S 2 5″ Freestyle Quadcopter Frame – Joshua Bardwell Special Edition, a custom-designed drone frame for FPV Freestyle flying! It is feature packed and Bardwell’s favorite frame!

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Introducing the Lumenier QAV-S 2 5″ Freestyle Quadcopter Frame – Joshua Bardwell Special Edition, a custom-designed drone frame for FPV Freestyle flying!

This Lumenier frame was designed in collaboration with world-renown FPV guru Joshua Bardwell to bring you the “perfect” FPV freestyle frame. Building upon the success of the QAV-S series, the QAV-S 2 takes it a step further with an optimized design to save weight, X-Lock arm retention for added strength and rigidity, an aluminum FPV camera mount, injection molded GoPro mount, O3 compatibility, and much more!

“The QAV-S is the perfect balance of lightweight agility, ease of build and maintenance, and freestyle-bashing durability. I’m so thrilled to show you the improvements we’ve made in V2!”

– Joshua Bardwell

Note:  This frame fits the O3, Vista, Walksnail, or Analog units in rear-mounting orientation. HDZero Freestyle fits in a center-mounted orientation with a rear-mounted FC or ESC.



  • Made in Collaboration with FPV expert Joshua Bardwell
  • Frame made of High-Quality Lumenier components
  • Backward-compatible mounting patterns
  • Aluminum FPV Camera Side Plates
  • Injection-Molded GoPro Mount
  • O3 Compatible Mounts
  • X-Lock Mechanism


The QAV-S 2 is a 5-inch freestyle airframe that is ultra-durable, easy to work on, and locked in to perform and provide the best flight feel. The QAV-S 2 has many small details that were well-thought-out – including premium Lumenier carbon fiber with finished and chamfered edges on all the plates, and 7075 colored aluminum standoffs to give the quad a sleek look.


The QAV-S 2 brings several innovations to the table. The first innovation is the arm locking system which includes a hinge with a press nut that secures the arms and requires just one screw to swap the arm. This is a convenient feature when maintenance is needed. The second feature is a split bottom plate that gives enough room for a micro camera, while also reducing the rear deck space for components. Lastly, the QAV-S 2 has isolated 20×20 and 30×30 stack mounting in the center (and 20×20 mounting in the rear) that lets you take care of your electronics stack without the need to alter the frame structure and overall build.


The QAV-S 2 introduces a new lateral X-Lock arm system. This all aluminum arm locking system improves on the QAV-S design in both rigidity and ease-of-use, providing two-axis clamping that is mechanically isolated from the main plates and flight controller stack. The new lock system also allows the arms to fold with only one screw for easy transportation.


The new FPV camera mounting solution offers excellent camera protection and support for a range of cameras. The use of a unique interlocking system allows for minimal hardware, and strengthens the front end while staying light weight.


The QAV-S 2 uses the same GoPro mount pattern used by other Lumenier frames, allowing a durable injection molded GoPro mount to attach with a single screw.


For those who still want to use printed GoPro and antenna mounts the QAV-S 2 maintains the same mounting pattern and standoff placement. All mounts for the previous QAV-S* and Bardwell Special Edition frames will fit without modification.

*QAV-S JohnnyFPV Special Edition mounts are not compatible


The rear plate adds 25.5 M1.6 mount holes to allow direct mounting of the O3 air unit to the frame. This frame can also house the Vista/Walksnail/Analog system in rear-mounting orientation. (HDZero works in center-mounting orientation with FC or ESC in the rear.)


  • Weight: 124g (without HD camera mount, 130g with)
  • Standoffs: 7075 Aluminum (Purple)
  • Arm: 5mm 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Screws:  Steel 12.9 grade
  • X-Plate: Aluminum
  • Frame Size: 220mm

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