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Thanks to the speed improvement on the next generation high performance F7 processor, the safety of applications can be enhanced. Cube Yellow is equipped with triple redundant sensors, which are temperature controlled and vibration damped IMUs. Cube Yellow Docs Here

About Cube Yellow
  • An integrated and single board/box all-in-one flight controller

  • Provide sufficient interfaces for most applications without expansion

  • Improve ease-of-use and processing speed

  • Improve sensor performance and efficiency

  • Improve microcontroller resources

  • Better reliability and reduce integration complexity

  • All-in-one design with integrated Flight Management Unit (FMU), I/O module and sufficient data ports

  • Improved manufacturability. Designed for simpler assembling

  • Separate power supplies for FMU and I/O (see power architecture section)

  • On-board backup battery for FMU and I/O SRAM / RTC

  • Integrable with the standard power brick

  • 32bit ARM® STM32F777VIT6 Cortex®-M7 Core (with DPFPU)

  • 216 MHz / 462 DMIPS/2.14 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1)

  • 512 Kbytes (including 128 Kbytes of data TCM RAM for critical real-time data) + 16 Kbytes of instruction TCM RAM (for critical real-time routines) + 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM

  • 2 MB Flash

  • 32 bit STM32F103 failsafe co-processor

  • 5 UART (serial ports): 1 with high-power capability; 2 with hardware flow control

  • 2 CAN bus (1 with internal 3.3 V transceiver; 1 on expansion connector)

  • Compatible with Spektrum DSM® signal input

  • Compatible with Futaba S.Bus® signal input and output

  • Compatible with PPM signal input

  • 2 I2C buses

  • Dual mode Quad-SPI

  • 3.3 V ADC input

  • Internal micro USB port and external micro USB port extension

Power System
  • Ideal diode controller with automatic failover

  • High-power (max. 10 V) and high-current (10 A+) capability on servo rail

  • Overcurrent protection on all peripheral outputs

  • ESD protection on all inputs

  • Triple power supply redundancy by power module, servo rail, and USB port

Detail Specification



Main Processor

STM32F777VIT6 (32 Bit ARM® Cortex®-M7, 216 MHz, 2 MB flash, 512 KB SRAM)


STM32F100 (32 Bit ARM® Cortex®-M3, 24 MHz, 8 KB SRAM)


Type of Sensors



ICM20948 / ICM20649 / ICM20602


ICM20948 / ICM20649 / ICM20602



Barometric Pressure Sensor


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