AKK Race Ranger (International Version)


AKK Race Ranger FPV VTX (5.8G,200-1600mW, 2-6S, Smart Audio, MMCX, International Version )

Full cover, Long-range, Obvious indicator, Weld available

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AKK Race Ranger FPV VTX makes a significant improvement in comparison with all other AKK VTXs. It has far better cover protection, longer transmission distance and clearer indicator, which makes it a great 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter, bringing entirely new FPV experience for you!

Full cover protection. This AKK FPV VTX is full covered metal shell, so it may not be broken even in an accidental fall!

Clearer indicator. 8 blue led for CH,5 green led for the band and 3 red led for power. The new smart indicator design of this FPV VTX caters to visual needs and also the actual operation.

Longe range VTX. The power up to 1600mW(International Version) and the stable signal transmission enable it to create a new flying range record of VTX.

AKK Race Ranger VTX

Key features:

Smart audio support. This FPV VTX supports SmartAudio, so you can change VTX settings in Betaflight OSD, such as channels and output.

One button frequency and power setup. If you don’t like smart audio, you still can change of channel, band, and power by only one button on this FPV VTX.

Built-in Mic. It is a good thing about FPV VTX with a built-in microphone. It allows you to hear your quad though it flies too far.

Wide voltage input. 7-28V input. 2-6s battery is available.

5V output.  This FPV VTX provides 5V output to your FPV camera.

200mW/400mW/800mW/1600mW power switchable.

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