LHCXRC DJI FPV Goggles 5.8GHz Antenna LHCP


Clear and sturdy looking Crystal patch antennas for DJI FPV Goggles from LHCXRC.

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DJI FPV Goggles Antenna

This specially designed DJI FPV goggles Antenna offers higher gain, more stable video transmission and overall better signal penetration for longer distances. These are high-gain directional and LHCP circularly polarized omnidirectional antenna. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Translucent black, Translucent green, semi-transparent orange.

Model: LHCXRC HD-02

Frequency range: 5.3GHz-6.0GHz
Gain: 8.6 dBiC
VSWR: <=1.3
Radiation efficiency: 94%
Beam width: 75° H. 75° V.
Polarized: (LHCP) Left Hand Circularly Polarized
Interface: RP-SMA (Fits DJI Goggles directly, not to be used on standard SMA)
Weight: 31g
FOR DJI HD2 Cylindrical Antenna
Gain: 3.5dbic
Axial ratio: 0.9
Frequency range: 5.3GHz-6.0GHz
Radiation efficiency: 98%
Beam width: 360 degrees (omni-directional)
VSWR: <=1.5
Weight: 6.5g
Dimensions: 20mm x 28mm
Interface: RP-SMA (custom long)
Polarization: Left Hand Circularly Polarized (LHCP)

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