SKYZONE SKY04O FPV Goggle with OLED Screen and 60FPS DVR Steadyview Receiver


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SKYZONE Official. New FPV goggles SKY04O, same as SKY04X, the main difference between 04X and 04O is the Resolution and FOV(Diagonal).

SteadvView Receiver: SteadyView receiver merge two signal into one, making the image more stable and clear in challenging condition. With a module bay, goggles have more capability to upgrade.

Focus Adjustment: The New Optics have a large Field of View(38 degrees).and the optics have a Focus adjustment feature (-6~+2).no need for a diopter anymore.

Shuttle Wheel Control: No more confusing multifunction button or 5-way joy stick, with smooth and natural shuttle control, easy to navigate.

OLED Screen: The 1024*768 0LED screen has high resolution and vivid color, high-contrast ratio, so pilots can see more details.

Advanced Screen Settings: The aspect ratio can be switchable, and 4 Preset screen settings and 3 customized settings for indoor, and outdoor flights or different weather.

**1024*768 OLED screen, high resolution, vivid color, high contrast ration
**60FPS DVR Steadyview receiver, better reception
**38° large field of view
**-6~+2 focus adjustment, for long-sighted and near-sighted people
**Support 4:3/16:9 ratio
**4 Preset screen settings and 3 customized settings for diverse situations.
**With module bay, have more capability to upgrade.

Model: SKY04O
Screen: OLED
Resolution: 1024*768
FOV(Diagonal): 38°
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
Focus: -6~+2 adjustable (Suitable for long-sighted and near-sighted people.)
Interpupillary distance (IPD): 58~71mm
Receiver : 5.8Ghz 48CH Receiver
3D Function: Side By Side half
Language: 10 Language
Power Supply: DC 6.5-25.2V/USB 5V
Power Consumption: 720mA @ 12V
DVR : H264, 60fps,MOV 6Mbps, SD Card support up to 128Gb
Head Tracker: 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
Antenna Connector: SMA
Dimentions : 185*75*67mm
Weight: 262g

Package Included:
Receiver Module*1
Faceplate*2(wide and narrow)
Sponge with band*2
Zipper case*1
Power cable*1
Headtracker cable*1
5.8Gb 2dD antennas*2
Video/Audio Cable*1
USB-C Cable*1
User Manual*1


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