Matek System 1.2G/1.3GHz 9CH INTL 0.1mW/25mW/200mW/800mW FPV Transmitter for FPV Racing RC Drone VTX-1G3SE-9


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9CH_INTL version (1080,1120,1160,1200,1240,1280,1320,1360,1258MHz), VTX-1G3SE-9
RF power output: 0.1mw(0, pit mode), 25mw(1), 200mw(2), 800mw(3)
CMS control via Tramp protocol variant for 1.3G
Button control and LED indicators
Built-in AGC microphone
6-36V DC IN (2-8S LiPo)
Brand: Matek
Item Name:  VTX-1G3SE-9 1.2G/1.3GHz Video transmitter
Power Consumption: 40mA(0.1mw), 110mA(25mw), 150mA(200mw), 250mA(800mw) @12V IN
Video format: NTSC or PAL
Audio Subcarrier: 6.5 MHz & 6.0MHz,  onboard microphone on 6.5MHz
RF Connector: SMA
Weight: 9g ( w/o antanna)
Size: board 36*21.5mm
+ IN-: 6-36V DC input with reverse polarity protection
VID: Video input
G: Ground
5V: onboard regulator output, Max. 1.5A load on this pad
A6.0: Audio 6.0MHz input
RX: CMS control via Tramp protocol
TX & RX: UART for firmware update
Press button-A to select RF output levels, 0 (blue LED)= 0.1mw pitmode, 1=25mw. 2=200mw, 3=800mw
Press and hold the button-B for 2 seconds to enter the frequency setting. Frequency LED blinks
Press the button-B to select the frequency (only 1258 and 1280 can be selected on US 2CH version)
When the LED blinks at new frequency, no RF output on this frequency.
New frequency and output will be enabled if no button action within 3 seconds
CMS control
Connect “RX” to any spare UART-TX of flight controller,  enable “VTX(Tramp) protocol” on corresponding UART.
Copy and paste following command into CLI of BF4.1 or later release
vtxtable bands 2
vtxtable channels 8
vtxtable band 1 1G3_A A 1080 1120 1160 1200 1240 1280 1320 1360
vtxtable band 2 1G3_B B 1080 1120 1160 1200 1258 1280 1320 1360
vtxtable powerlevels 3
vtxtable powervalues 25 200 800
vtxtable powerlabels 25 200 800
When CMS control is enabled, button control will be overridden.
only 1258 and 1280 can be enabled via CMS control on 2CH version.
INAV doesn’t support 1.3G CMS control via Tamp protocol for now.
Packing Included:
1x 1.2/1.3G Video transmitter VTX-1G3SE-9(INTL version)
1x Dipole antenna_SMA, center freq 1240MHz


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