LDARC/KINGKONG EX8 2.4GHz 8CH CC2500 Protocol G3842 Mechanical Gimbal Radio Transmitter Compatible S-FH2S D16 for RC Drone Car Boat


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Item Name: EX8 LDARC system transmitter
Protocol:S-FH2S,D16 non-EU,D16 EU-LBT
Working time:4-7 hours
Transmission power:25/100mW
Display:128*64 LCD
Transmitter frequency:CC2500
Manual & firmware:
1.Self-developed LDA system,simple operation
2.One 2-stage switch+three 3-stage switch
3.New G3842 mechanical joystick
4.3 protocols compatible
5.Adjustable transmitter power
6.LCD display with backlight
7.Timing function
8.Trainer locking mode
9.Built-in removable battery,USB-C charging
10.Simulator support
11.Sound and vibrations reminder
12.RGB atmosphere lamp
13.Outfield handbag is standard
Many transmitter models are equipped with powerful motors and sharp propellers,use caution when operating models,when assembling or maintaining,make sure the model is powered off and the propeller is not operate the EX8 transmitter under the following conditions:
1.In severe weather or strong wind conditions,such as rain,hail,snow,storm or electromagnetic environment.
2.Under any circumstances where visibility is limited.
3.In areas where people,property,high-voltage power lines,public roads,vehicles or animalsmay be present.
4.If you feel tired or unwell,or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
5.If the transmitter model appears to be damaged or not working properly.
6.In areas where 2.4GHz interference is high or where 2.4GHz radios are prohibited.
7.When the battery voltage is too low to use.
8.In areas where local regulations prohibit the use of aviation models
9.Please check the voltage and condition of the battery regularly, never charge it unattended, always charge it in a safe area away from combustible materials, and do not charge the remote control if it gets wet or damaged in any way.
10.Please connect the battery to the transmitter before use.
Package Included:
1x EX8 LDARC system transmitter


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