JHMCU ExpressLRS 915RX 900RX 915MHZ ELRS Radio Nano Long Range Receiver


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SX1276 Radio Frequency

Frequency range: 915MHz FCC

Maximum receive refresh rate:500HZ

Minimum receive refresh rate:25HZ

Operating Voltage: 5V

Weight: 0.6g (without antenna)

Firmware: BETAFPV_900_RX 3.0.0.HEX



Indicator light status:

Double flashing: code pair mode

Slow flashing: no transmit signal received

Always on: transmit signal received

Fast flashing: WIFI upgrade mode


Frequency pairing steps: 1:

1. After the receiver is connected to the flight control, connect the USB to power the flight control. Repeat the operation twice, when the third time you insert the USB, the LED will start to double flash and the receiver will enter the code pairing mode. 2.

2. After connecting the 915M (868M) ELRS HF head module and the remote control correctly, copy the ELRS.LUA file to the SD card in the remote control, the directory is SD Card/Scripts/tools, then run ELRS.

3. After successful binding, the LED on the receiver will turn on and the telemetry signal will be received.


Shipment package:

Receiver * 1

Cable * 4

T-antenna * 1







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Weight 0.1 kg


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