GEPRC GEP-CL35 V2 Frame Kits Suitable for CineLog35 V2 Drone Carbon Fiber Frame DIY RC FPV Quadcopter Drone Accessories Parts


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The GEP-CL35 V2 version was released after careful development by the GEPRC team.

GEP-CL35 V2 is developed and upgraded on the basis of CL35. It can be mounted with O3 VTX. The camera adopts the bottom-mounted shock absorption gimbal to solve the camera IMU’s resonance issue, and achieve a good anti-shaking effect. The main carbon plate and injection prop guards increased the 7075 aluminum column for structural strengthening.

Battery installation method using a strap with 7075 aluminum parts fixed. Power XT60E1-M plug and carbon plate are integrated and integrated for convenient application. The prop guard adds a storage card and USB port to the O3 Air Unit for easy data reading.

GEPRC strives for the ultimate flight experience!


  • Model: GEP-CL35 V2
  • Motor to Motor: 142mm
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate: 1.5mm
  • Arm Plate: 3.5mm
  • FC Mounting Hole: 25.5mm x 25.5mm
  • VTX Mouning Hole : 20mm x 20mm/25mm x 25mm
  • Motor Mounting Hole: 12mm x 12mm
  • Camera Installation Space: 20mm
  • Propeller Guard Internal Diameter: 95mm
  • Suitable Propeller Size: 3.5 inch propeller
  • Weight: 133.7g


  1. Prop guard for O3 Air Unit adds storage card and USB port for easy data reading.
  2. Innovative camera shock-absorbing structure to fix the issue of lens IMU resonance and achieve the optimal anti-shake effect.
  3. Battery installation method using a strap with 7075 aluminum parts fixed, solid and stable.
  4. Power cable using XT60E1-M plug and carbon plate integrated design, user-friendly.
  5. Injection molding prop guard is tough and impact-resistant, and the connection between the frame and the carbon plate is strengthened with aluminum columns.


Carbon Plate

1 X Main carbon plate 3.0mm

1 X Top Plate 2.0mm

1 X Bottom plate 1.5mm

Screw Kits

2 X Battery strap fixed aluminum parts

2 X 7075 mesh aluminum column M2*11.5*4

4 X 7075 mesh aluminum column M2*25*3.3

4 X Custom half crescent head screws M3*15

6 X Cup head screw M2*18

2 X Round head screws M2*16

4 X Round head screws with pad M2*4

4 X Round head screws M2*5.5

30 X Round head screws M2*7

14 X Round head screws M2*12

16 X Round head screws M2*8

6 X Round head screws M1.6*8

4 X Round head screws M2*6

6 X Round head screws M2.5*6

1 X Chamfered Hexagon Socket Screws M5x28

4 X Press Rivet Nuts M3

4 X self-tightening nuts M2

18 X Iron nuts M2

1 X Flange Nut M5

12 X Press Rivet Nut_Brass Color M2*1.9-OD4.9

3D Printed Parts

1 X Camera mount 2 holes

1 X Camera mount 4 holes

1 X Receiver mount

1 X T-shaped antenna mount

1 X VTX antenna mount

1 X Capacitor mount

1 X Power plug printed parts

1 X GP Camera base mount

Injection Molded Parts

1 X Injection molded prop guard

4 X Vibration dampening rubber for FC M2*6

6 X Camera vibration dampening rubber

4 X Camera gimbal shock absorbing rubber ring M3*10.5*10.25

Other Accessories

1 X Power XT60E1-M plug with cable

4 X Motor hub M7*15mm

3 X 5.8G VTX extension cable 80mm

7 X Heatshrink tube

1 X Naked GP Camera base mount( 1 X base mount, 2 X round head M2*12, 2 X press rivet nut M2)

4 X BEC pads

2 X Battery non-slip pads for Cinelog 35 v2

2 X Receiver Antenna Stick 100mm

1 X Battery strap M20*250

1 X Battery strap M20*220

1 X L-shaped screwdriver 1.5MM

1 X L-shaped screwdriver 2.0MM

1 X L-shaped screwdriver 3.0MM

1 X M5 wrench

1 X Keychain

1 X Guide for Quick Start

2 X GEPRC Stickers

1 X Service card

1 X Packaging box

1 X User manual

1 X Promotion Card

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