Feetech FT8346M 40kg Torque 360° Metal Digital Servo For Rc Cars




Standard digital servo, with 40kg.cm ,high torque more powerfull. Full steel gears,improve servo’s accuracy and extend its service time. Internal Hall effect position sensor, Controllable angle range from 0 to 360 degrees, for Robotic, RC,Industry and others large angle control requirements.

Product Description

Feetech 7.4V 40kg.cm Large Torque FT8346M digital 360 magnetic servo coreless motor robo DIY arduin servo

Size: 40*20*43.05mm
Weight: 91.5g
Gear type: Steel
Limit angle: NO limit
Bearing: Ball bearings
Horn gear spline: 25T/5.9mm
Gear Ratio: 1/378
Case: Aluminum
Connector wire: 30CM
Motor: Brushless Motor
Operating Voltage Range: 4V-7.4V
Idle current (atstopped) 6MA@7.4V
No load speed: 0.22sec/60°@7.4V
Running current(at no load) : 300mA@7.4V
Peak stall torque: 40kg.cm@7.4V
Rated torque: 13.5kg.cm@7.4V
Stall current:3.1A@7.4V
Command signal: Pulse width modification
Amplifier type: Digital comparator
Pulse width: range500~2500 μ sec
Stop position: 1500 μ sec
Running degree: 360°(at 500→2500μsec)


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