Corona CSBP-1 SBUS Encoder servo program card 1-8S lipo


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S.BUS Programming Card CSBP-1 Manual

Thank you for purchasing CORONA’s S.BUS programming card CSBP-1.This product is a tool for setting the channel to S.BUS servo and S.BUS decoder and testing at most 8-cell lithium battery pack voltage.


There’re three modes with different function:

Mode A – S .BUS Servo setting Program

Mode B– — S BUS Signal decode program

Mode C—Voltage Checking

Caution: please do not connect other equipment on CSBP-1 when do voltage checking, otherwise may damage the equipment.

Dial the SW2 to change mode

Mode A:

Connect battery to the power portof program card,. The LED 1 Screen will show “A”,now press down the middle button of SW2 and enter Mode A, then connect S.BUS Servo into program card and the screen should show “-”,”-”,”-”. If show nothing pleasepress down the middle button of SW2 again.

After Servo connecting completed, you can change the servo info by dail the SW2 .

Number 0-6  on LED1 means different information as below :

1)“0”  means negetive direction , “1” means positive direction ,dial the SW1 can reverse Number between “0” and “1” and confirm Number by press the middle button of SW1.

2)There are 1-18 channels can be set, you can change channel by dial the SW1 and confirm the channel by press the middle button of SW1.

3)Servo’s left travel (50%-175% ) can be changed by dialing SW1 and confirmedby pressingdown SW1.

4)Servo’sright travel (50%-175% ), it can be changed by dialing the SW1 and confirmed by pressing down SW1.

5)Servo neutral shift to left or right (-30°~ 30°), it can be changed by dialing SW1 and confirmed by pressing down SW1.

6)Servo max travel testing mode: Get the minimum value by dialing SW1 to left and get the maximum Value bydialing SW1 to right. If you want to get back to nutral point please dial SW2 to change the Number back to 6 again.

The screen will flash 1-2S when press down SW1 to confirm servo information . if the screen flash over time it means failure. Please press dwon SW1 Again.

After servo setting completed it is recommended to cut the battery and give power again to make sure all information be setted completely.

Mode B :

Connect battery to program card, then connect S.BUS Decoder into the program Card and dial SW2 if LED1 Show “B” now press down SW2, meanwhile LED2,LED3,LED4 should show  ”-”,”-”,”-” it means inmodeA.if show nothing please press downSW2 again.

In Mode B, you can dial SW2 to left or right to change information of S Bus Decoder.

The Number 1 -3 has different meaning of the information as below :

LED1 Show “1” means the channel of  servo on #1, Channel No. can be changed from 1-18 Channel by dialing SW1 and confirm the Channel by pressingdown SW1.

LED1 Shows “2”means the channel of  servo on #2 ,Channel No.can be changed from 1-18 by dialing SW1 and confirm the Channel by pressing down SW1.

LED1 Shows”3” means the channel of servo on #3,Channel No. can be changed from 1-18 Channel by switch SW1 and confirm the Channel by press the middle button of SW1.(which means the three outgoing interfaces have the same function)

After all information confirmed please cut the power and give power again to make sure all information are confirmed correctly.

Mode C:

  1. Connect the battery intopin onthe left side of program card, now dial SW2 and LED1 will  Show “C”meanwhile press down SW2 then the program card can check voltage  value of Battery.
  1. The Numbershown on LED1 is the Cell No. of battery , LED2,LED3,LED4 must show voltage value. To check each cell battery by dialing SW2.
  1. LED 1 shows “T” , LED2,LED3,LED4 should show the total value of the whole Battery pack.

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