ATOMRC Killer Whale 1255mm Wingspan AIO EPP RC FPV Airplane With Camera Mount KIT/PNP/FPV


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User Manual :  right click here to download it

Aircraft Nose Printed Paper :  right click here to download it


Front and Rear Mount for Gopro 5~9

Multi angle of video shot for FPV formation

Detachable wing and tail

Also with power and signal connector,no more mess up wires, quick deploy.

Capability for upgrade LED and Landing gear system.

Easy to maintain design.

With 5V3A BEC


  1. Double-engine medium-sized fixed-wing, classic fixed-wing power layout. It has super load capacity and super long endurance.
  1. The main wing can be quickly disassembled and assembled for easy carrying.
  1. Inside the fuselage, there are exclusive installation positions for the flight control, image transmission, antenna, and battery compartment, which are easy to install and organize.
  1. Inside the wing, dedicated converging ports for the steering gear, ESC, and power cord are easy to install and organize.
  1. The excellent airfoil shape that has passed the simulated aerodynamic test has excellent aerodynamic performance and maneuverability.
  1. The double vertical tails are directly behind the propellers, which increase the control performance of the aircraft rudder and make it easier to land.
  1. The only aircraft of the same level that can support up to 9-inch propellers, and its power efficiency is increased by 18% compared to 8-inch propellers.
  1. Double vertical tail design, exclusive tail mounting seat for gopro , easy to install the camera from the rear perspective, and can shoot reverse perspective video,

Greatly enhance the shock of shooting video content. There is a vertical tail in the center of the conventional layout of the aircraft on the market, and the camera is very wrong.

Then install.

  1. Two head covers come standard. When installing gimbal, DJI HD video transmission or other mounting equipment, you can choose a platform head cover.

Easy to install and mount equipment.

  1. The first fixed wing supports the built-in fixed wing for Gopro 9 and is compatible with 5/6/7 installation.


WingSpan: 1255mm


Weight:KIT 600g

Wing Area:21d㎡

Max take off weight: 2500g

Can carry for GoPro 5/6/7/9

Tail can carry for GoPro5/6/7

Recommended Parts(not included)

Motor : 2306 1300KV~2000KV

ESC: 4S Lipo BLS30A with 5V 3A BEC

Prop: 7~9inch

Battery : 18650/21700 4S4P

Servo:9g servo*7, need one reverse servo for flap

Flight Controller :  Matek Systems F405-WING.

GPS :  BN220

Package Included


1 x Airplane Kits

1 x ATOMRC Killer Whale 5V3A BEC

1 x Servo and Camera cables

2 x Quick release connector


1 x KIT version

7 x Servos (without flap servos)

2 x BLS 30A ESC ( ESC has no 5V BEC,  5V3A BEC board is included)

2 x PHOTON 2306 1400kv MOTOR

2 x 7045 Prop


1 x PNP version

1 x 5.8G 1500mw VTX

1 x Foxeer Toothless 2 Nano

1 x Antenna

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