AKK Race VTX 25mw 200mW switchable OSD configuration smart audio


AKK Race FPV VTX ,the most affordable 25mW/200mW switchable VTX,support OSD/Pitmode/Smart Audio

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Cheap, but not Simple. The Race VTX is a very nice FPV VTX.  You may not find such an FPV VTX supporting smart audio, pit mode, led display etc in the market. And it only takes  $9.99! Let’s learn more about this FPV VTX.AKK Race VTX 25mw 200mW switchable OSD configuration smart audio product features. Support Pit Mode 25mW and 200mW switchable.

Small and light VTX. This VTX is 20×25×3.5mm with a weight of 3.5g.

Little power drop. When using other VTXs, it is common that the power level drops quickly, but this VTX is steady. It beats many VTXs in this part!

With the LC filter. LC filter is one of the most basic filters in electronics, which is widely used by FPV hobbyists to suppress noise in power created by ESC and motors.

Key features

Support Smart audio. You can change the VTX settings in Betaflight OSD, such as channels and output.

Support Pit mode. The pit mode reduces interference possible, which allows you to start VTX at any time, even when the race has started.

LED display. The AKK Race VTX has 4 indicators for band, channel, and power. It is easy to use with obvious indicators.

One button setup channel/band/power.

25mW/200mW/ power switchable.

5V input with 5V output.


Race VTX Table, please click here.

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